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Farming : Organic


Winemaking : Hand-Harvested | Native Yeast | Sparkling (Cava style) | No Added Sulfites | Vegan


Region : Penedes, Spain


Grape : Xarel-Lo | Macabeu | Parellada


Alcohol by Volume : 12%



A family that has always been dedicated to viticulture. Josep Maria and Cristina Pujol-Busquets Guillens have spent their whole lives sharing the wine and cava culture. Their daughters Mireia and Georgina grew up surrounded by vineyards, grapes, harvests and bottles. It’s in their DNA. Knowledge, passion, perseverance and dedicated to transparency. A lifestyle.

It’s a way of understanding wine and cava responsibly by making it entertaining, innovative while also adopting a real taste for new trends. They are committed to nature, so they offer an avant-garde product. Their respect for the land becomes the celebration of a new experience.

Established in 1991 on the 19th century Can Genís estate, the winery has always practiced certified organic farming techniques, creating a well-balanced ecosystem that respects the native flora and fauna.

VRIAACC ICL is a sparkling wine for the "bulles" (Champagne) lovers, fresh, crisp and opulence, without the price tag.

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