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Online natural wine shop serving greater LA with same-day delivery. Call our WineHotline for recommendation at 310.721.3476

Can't Get Enough of unfined wines?
sign up for our wine club and see us at your doorstep every month.

-We deliver your subscription in the LA area every month. We curate and allocate these wines specifically for our members each month.

-Choose either a 2-bottle subscription ($65), 4-bottle subscription ($110) or 6-bottle subscription ($150). Price already includes delivery.

-When you sign up as first-time new member, you will need to sign up on or before the 21st day of the current month to get your wine subscription for that particular month. If you sign up after the 21st day, you will be paying for the next month's wine subscription (feel free give us a call at 310.721.3476 if you would like to be included in the current subscription cycle even though you've signed up after the 21st and we can try to fit you in if there is availability). After this initial charge, you are charged on the 7th day of each month going forward. We will begin hand-delivering subscriptions on the second Wednesday of each month. We will communicate with you ahead of time to coordinate a delivery date and time each month.