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Online natural wine shop serving greater LA with same-day delivery. Call our WineHotline for recommendation at 310.721.3476

About Us

Unfined Wines was born out of need. When we would go wine shopping it was always a different version of the same story - why is it so hard to find a good bottle of wine? It's not that there aren't places, it's that they are either difficult to navigate or just plain snobby. No one should be brushed off as an amateur or need to be a sommelier in order to communicate what they like.
Enter Unfined Wines - we want to make finding your next favorite bottle enjoyable and easy. Call us? Our WineHotline is always live. Prefer to text? We do that too. Don't want to interact? Our website is designed to make this as simple as possible. 
Now if you're wondering...why natural wine? Again, let's circle back to the no bullshit. We decided that when we left the corporate world, it had to be for something we could fully stand behind. We believe that the process and practices of the vineyard matter just as much as the bottle you're chugging on the couch (no judgement).
We prefer our food without chemicals and our wine is no different. The winemakers we chose to work with choose better. They choose people and planet over profit and have found a way to make excellent wine with exceptional practices. Our shop is full of wines that are natural, organic, biodynamic, dry-farmed, unfiltered or UNFINED.