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Man in a Grey Suit 2021

Man in a Grey Suit 2021

Farming : Organic + Sustainable


Winemaking : Hand-Picked Grapes | Native Yeast Fermentation | Co-fermented | Unfined | Unfiltered | Vegan


Region : San Benito AVA, CA


Grape : 59% Pinot Noir | 38% Trousseau | 3% Viognier


Alcohol by Volume : 13.13%


A homage to Jura blends, this wine is bright with acidity with a hint cherry and wet concrete on the nose. Drink now chilled or age for up to 7 years. (Pictured to the right is the fruit co-fermenting together post crush.

All grapes were organically farmed and harvested from Silleto Family Vineyards. 59% Calera Clone Pinot Noir was harvested at 22.5 Brix along with, 38% Trousseau Noir 23 Brix (French Clone not the Cab Pfeffer clone he also grows) and 3% Viognier at 24 Brix. The fruit was brought in at 55 degrees and destemmed together in open-top fermenters getting 3 punch downs a day until native fermentation started. Then twice daily until dry and pressed after 12 days. Wines were racked into 3-year-old French oak barrels for four months where they underwent full malolactic fermentation. Bottled with just 25ppm free SO2.

Alison, Quinn, and Mina Hobbs are the proprietors behind Hollow Wines. Alison was born in raised in Margaret River, Australia. She developed her passion for wine at an early age. Quinn, a Central Coast native, journeyed to Alison's hometown to learn the craft of sustainable winemaking. Quinn is dedicated to his minimal intervention winemaking approach, expressing the grapes' true terroir while remaining 100% vegan and sustainable.


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