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Leo Carrillo 2022

Leo Carrillo 2022

Farming : Transitioning Organic


Winemaking : Hand-Picked Grapes | Native Yeast Fermentation | Unfined | Unfiltered | Vegan


Region : Grapes from Clarksburg, CA | Raspberries from San Benito, CA

Grape : 94% Gewurztraminer | 6% Raspberries


Alcohol by Volume : 10.69%



Acid lovers rejoice, a skin-contact wine with high acid and raspberries! With fresh raspberries and roses on the nose this wine will please even the sweet wine lovers even though this wine is bone dry!

Gewurztraminer grapes farmed in Clarksburg by Henniger Vineyards. After being destemmed several hundred pounds of raspberries from a nearby farm in Hollister were added to the fermenters after being hand sorted. Both the grapes and raspberries were co-fermented together for 5 days before being pressed into flex tank eggs where they completed primary and secondary fermentation. Bottled with 15 ppm SO2 addition.


Alison, Quinn, and Mina Hobbs are the proprietors behind Hollow Wines. Alison was born in raised in Margaret River, Australia. She developed her passion for wine at an early age. Quinn, a Central Coast native, journeyed to Alison's hometown to learn the craft of sustainable winemaking. Quinn is dedicated to his minimal intervention winemaking approach, expressing the grapes' true terroir while remaining 100% vegan and sustainable.



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