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Molly Baz ‘Drink This Wine’ A Gluggable Skin Contact-y White 2022

Molly Baz ‘Drink This Wine’ A Gluggable Skin Contact-y White 2022

Farming : Organic | Dry-Farmed


Winemaking : Hand-Picked Grapes | Native Yeast Fermentation | Unfined | Unfiltered | Vegan


Region : Willamette Valley, Oregon


Grape : 75% Riesling | 15% Pinot Gris | 10% Sav Blanc

Alcohol by Volume : 12.1%

Woman Owned: Molly Baz

Note from Molly Baz:

SHOUT IT WITH ME: WE MADE ORANGE WINE! WE MADE ORANGE WINE! (And we’re gonna call it by it’s proper name, skin contact wine!)

In case you’re not familiar, skin contact wine, or as it’s more commonly known “orange” wine, is made by leaving white grape skins in contact with their juice during the fermentation process; That’s what gives the wine its distinctive orange hue and also lends a range of complex flavors and aromas in your cup!

I’m calling this particular one “a gluggable skin contact-y white” because you really can’t help but glug it right down. It tastes a little like gummy peaches from the penny candy shop we grew up with. It’s tart, and tannic, and a little grassy, but not overly funky or weird in the way that some orange wines tend to lean these days.

Skin contact wines are great food pairing wines, ‘cause they hold up to all of the bold savory flavors we know and love!!! From cae sals and fried chicken to roasted meats or crispy pohtates, this wine will set you straight, I promise. I can also share from recent experience, that this one pairs particularly well with a up classico PB & JK if that happens to be your idea of a good time.

A few process notes from our Winemaker extraordinaire, Andy Young (of The Marigny):

All three varietals underwent 9 - 21 days of fermentation on skins. Post fermentation, the tanks were drained and pressed primarily back to stainless steel, with 10% of the juice transitioning to a selection of neutral French Oak barrels.