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Fattoria Amo ‘Ann’ 2020

Fattoria Amo ‘Ann’ 2020

Farming : Organic | Biodynamic


Winemaking : Hand-Picked Grapes | Native Yeast Fermentation | Unfined | Unfiltered | No Added Sulfites | Vegan


Region : San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy


Grape : Vernaccia


Alcohol by Volume : 12%




Full-flavored and well-balanced white wine, with a delicate floral and fruity bouquet of green apple and pear, with a salty sensation given by the unique soil made up fossilized oyster shell. 

Ann is a tribute to an apparently fragile woman, but who is the only one who – in perfect feminine style – has been able to face the situation with intelligence, empathy and courage. Kong is tamed by Ann’s sweetness and tenderness, as well as by her incomparable beauty. In fact Ann, like this wine, has an ethereal, impalpable, abstract beauty typical of Vernaccia di San Gimignano. On the label Kong holds Ann in his hand and admires her almost enchanted, his gaze says much more than many words. Kong in fact has this dual personality: he is fierce, capable of fighting to the death for Ann, and he is sensitive, in fact he manages to feel ecstasy in front of the beauty of a landscape.


Our village, with its medieval towers, is one of the few unspoiled places in the world, devoid of modernity thus recalling ancestral methods. Here Kong can climb its stone towers without being attacked by aircrafts and machine guns. He can rise high, not to escape from the human threat, but to enjoy a breathtaking landscape: an ancient undulating ocean of green hills as only Tuscany can offer.


Fattoria Amo is located in an ancient place that has remained untouched for a thousand years: uncontaminated hills covered with vineyards, olive trees and centuries-old oaks, a stone’s throw from the medieval city of San Gimignano. There could be no better place for our Kong who escaped from evil men. Our friend, here, has finally found peace! As in the fairytale of Beauty and the Beast, he can live with Ann happily ever after. Fattoria Amo represents what can be good in the world, and it does so with its imaginary characters and with a story: the story of a possible love, the one between the monstrous creature and Ann, the beautiful and apparently fragile woman. Because nothing is impossible! Like the presence of a myriad of marine fossils on our Tuscan hills at an altitude of 300m.