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2022 Jurassique Grenache Blanc

2022 Jurassique Grenache Blanc

Farming  : Organic


Winemaking : Hand-Picked Grapes | Native Yeast Fermentation | Unfined | Unfiltered | Vegan


Region : Sonoma County, CA 


Grape : Grenache Blanc


Alcohol by Volume : 12.8%


Winemaker's Notes:

And this 2022 wine we've got, Jurassique, is one trippy trip! It's an orange-colored-glasses in a bottle kind of deal. Made from Grenache Blanc up on Sonoma Mountain. This is the second year for this site, and let me tell you, the potential is off the charts.

Even though Grenache Blanc is a northeastern Spain native, it's gained fame as a vital ingredient in southern French white wines, especially in the iconic Châteauneuf-du-Pape blends. We believe our cool Sonoma Mountain environment brings out the grape's crisp acidity and fresh flavors, especially when we ferment and age it in tank.

Jurassique is a wild ride of spicy and crunchy, with a balance that would make the gods jealous. Lemonade, white strawberries, and sourpatch burst forth with every sip, and the medium-minus body packs a slap of acid that'll have you clambering for more. This wine is the real deal, and we know it'll be a Guthrie Family Wines classic for years to come.
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