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Wine Pairings for our favorite takeout in Los Angeles

A hand removing top bun from a hamburger displayed on a plate, to show the contents of the hamburger

Our philosophy here at Unfined Wines is much like that of the late American actress, Katharine Hepburn - if you obey ALL the rules, you'll miss all the fun. The same goes with pairing food and wine. We believe you should drink your wine with your food however you'd like, whenever you'd like. The wine/food suggestions below are merely just that, our suggestions. We are sharing with you some of our favorite restaurants here in LA and how we pair our wine with the food when we take it to-go, whether for a night in on the couch or a picnic out in the park.

With that said, let's jump right ahead, in no particular order.

Go Go Bird

We discovered this gem last year and became hooked! Located at the Citizens Public Market in Culver City, Go Go Bird is a Los Angeles-style fried chicken concept by Chef Brandon Kida.

Suggestion: Fried Chicken (make sure to also get some biscuits and mac n cheese) + our Avinyo Reserva Brut Cava sparkling wine. Eating fried chicken marinated with spices and topped with Szechuan-style chili oil and popping a bottle of sparkling that cuts through the spice is an experience! There's something about the bubbles that complements anything greasy.


Owned by the sweetest husband duo, Daniel and Caitlin Cutler, Ronan is a local staple. Located in the Melrose/Fairfax area of West Hollywood, Ronan is a can't-miss seasonal share plates restaurant. They make a delicious wood-fired cheesecake and Neapolitan pizza. 

Suggestion: We say order everything, but to make it a bit more specific here, order the "Ode to Philippe", their wood-fired French Dip Calzone - rare roast beef, onion jus, and hot mustard paired with a bottle of our Acri Wine Co. Merlot (local Los Angeles winemaker). The clams are also a must and if you get them, we suggest pairing with The Scholium Project Sauvignon Blanc or this Pet-Nat Rose by Field Recordings. Honestly, you can't go wrong and make sure to pick up that Cheesecake for dessert!


Who doesn't love Indian food?! This one is also located on Melrose in West Hollywood. Founded in 1980, Anarkali is known for being one of the oldest family Indian restaurants in Los Angeles!

Suggestion: Order any of their curries which pair deliciously with an orange wine like our Channing Daughters Ramato. Orange wine pairs well with intense flavors of curry spices, your palate will thank you!


A low-key sushi spot that doesn't break the bank and serves fish that practically melts in your mouth?! We'll take it! Our family has been going here for over 30 years and the food is always consistent. They do things old school so you won't find any crazy rolls, just purist sushi. This one is located on Sawtelle in Japantown. 

Suggestion: We love to order spicy tuna hand-rolls and nigiri and if you are looking for something cooked we love the salmon teriyaki and tempura. All pair really well with a bottle of Swick Wyd! Chardonnay. We could do sushi and chardonnay all day long.

Cassell's Hamburgers (Koreatown)

Located in Koreatown, it is surrounded by a plethora of other interesting establishments (Normandie Hotel whose portion of the building it occupies, The Normandie Club, Breakroom 86, Openaire and The Line LA). Founded in 1948 by Al Cassell, it has stayed true to original principles of being a hamburger shop with a focus on premium beef, ground daily in house. 

Suggestion: We recommend either the cheeseburger (one of best in LA) or their mouth-watering patty-melt, paired with a bottle of Centralas i,nomad cabernet sauvignon (local Los Angeles winemaker). Make sure to also grab a slice of one of their delicious pies for dessert!