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Marcio Lopes Pequenos Rebentos Pet-Nat 2021

Marcio Lopes Pequenos Rebentos Pet-Nat 2021

Farming : Organic | Biodynamic


Winemaking : Hand-Harvested | Native Yeast | No Added Sulfites | Vegan


Region : Minho, Portugal


Grape : Loureiro


Alcohol by Volume : 12%



Floral, melon and delicate citrus aromas. A gentle, fine mousse with a dry citrus finish.

The grapes are pressed and fermented in stainless-steel tanks using natural yeasts. Before fermentation is complete the wine is bottled under crown cap to finish fermentation in bottle in the ancestral style. The wine isn’t filtered, and there are no sulphur additions.

Márcio Lopes studied as an engineer, but cut his winemaking teeth working for two years with Vinho Verde master Anselmo Mendes in Melgaço. He then traveled to Australia where he made wine in Rutherglen and Tasmania, another cool climate region.


He returned to Portugal in 2010 to start his own projects, including Pequenos Rebentos in Vinho Verde.He initially started working with Alvarinho and Trajadura (known as Albariño and Treixadura in Spain) from the sub-regions of Monção and Melgaço. These areas have a very particular microclimate, with slightly less Atlantic influence than the rest of the region - winters are cold with moderate rainfall and summers are hot and dry. During 2016 he also started to grow and vinify local varietals Loureiro, from Ponte de Lima, and Avesso from Amarante.


He now farms 5ha of vineyards, planted on granite, as well as buying some grapes from selected growers who also work in the same sustainable way and without herbicides.His winemaking is low intervention, he ferments using natural yeasts, and like many of our producers he believes that if the fruit is good enough he will make quality wines with balance that reflect his terroir. This seems to be working - his wines are distinctively fresh and vibrant, showing bright and clear typical variety aromas.
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