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Methode Trad Brut NV

Methode Trad Brut NV

Farming : Organic | Biodynamic


Winemaking : Hand-Harvested | Unfined | Vegan | Sparkling


Region : Loire Valley, France


Grape : 50% Pineau d'Aunis | 50% Chenin


Alcohol by Volume : 12.5%



Owner, Jean Braziler, has a tire-fitter’s grip of a handshake. His son Benoît represents the seventh generation of Braziliers to have worked vineyards in Thoré-la-Rochette. He joined his father in 1997 and although only in his mid-thirties is the current head of the local wine growers syndicate. Together, they farm 25 hectares of vines, a significant holding in these parts. Ten of these are family owned and mostly replanted by Jean himself over the past 25 years. In total, fifteen hectares are under the appellation Coteaux du Vendômois, but they also produce Vin de Pays using Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and some Gamay.

For the appellation wines, they tend four hectares of Chenin Blanc, five of Pineau d’Aunis and seven of Cabernet Franc. There are also a couple of hectares of Pinot Noir planted too. The vineyard is entirely grown organically. Jean, the father is still involved but his son Benoit is making the wines. All of their wine is produced in caves carved out of the limestone hillsides during the 12th century.

This sparkling is tank fermented and bottled for second fermentation earlier to maintain freshness. Roughly 20 months on lees before disgorgement. Extremely delicious, on the nose it's ripe lemon, peach and pear, while on the palate it is pineapple, citrus blossoms and chalk (typical flint and clay soils, 25-30 year old vines).

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